Shin Nippon Turbines

Axford Affiliation with Shin Nippon Steam Turbines

Mark Axford, while working for Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., became a customer of Shin Nippon during the 1980's.  On numerous combined cycle projects, Stewart & Stevenson bundled the gas turbine generator and steam turbine generator into a single purchase order for the customer.

In 2009, Shin Nippon engaged Axford to provide sales and marketing assistance for projects in the United States and other locations.  As a consultant, Axford works closely with Maxi International, Inc., Shin Nippon’s authorized manufacturer’s representative for North America.

Axford can help customers with projects in development that need:

  • Turbine performance calculations for Shin Nippon Turbine Generator sets
  • Budgetary quotations for Shin Nippon Turbine Generator sets
  • Sourcing assistance for ancillary equipment such as boiler feed pumps and condensers

Steam Turbine Products

Steam Turbine product line

Shin Nippon Axial Exhaust and Other Design Features

Axial exhaust provides higher efficiency, exhaust loss reduction, and less cost with smaller size of building.

Efficiency Improvement - reduces steam turbine exhaust loss

Cost Reduction – reduces building height and size of foundations

Quicker Installation – far less site labor required

Axial units are available for the same price and delivery.

axial exhaust

Shin Nippon Machine Co., Ltd., offers years of experience, factory testing and efficient design.  In addition, they also offer Axial Exhaust and Direct Drive.

On-time production schedules produce a long history of on-time shipments.



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