Axford Affiliation with Shin Nippon Machine Co., Ltd., Steam Turbines

Mark Axford, while working at Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., became a customer of Shin Nippon Machine Co., Ltd., during the 1980's.  On numerous combined cycle projects, Stewart & Stevenson bundled the gas turbine generator and steam turbine generator into a single purchase order for the customer.

In 2009, Shin Nippon engaged Axford to provide sales and marketing assistance for projects in the United States and other locations.  As a consultant, Axford works closely with Maxi International, Inc., Shin Nippon’s authorized manufacturer’s representative for North America.

Axford can help customers with projects in development that need:

  • Turbine performance calculations for Shin Nippon Turbine Generator sets
  • Budgetary quotations for Shin Nippon Turbine Generator sets
  • Sourcing assistance for ancillary equipment such as boiler feed pumps and condensers